Discovery: Innovative conceptualization of how ecosystems improve water quality (water self-purification)

Discovery: Innovative conceptualization of how ecosystems improve water quality (water self-purification)

Innovative conceptualization of how ecosystems improve water quality (water self-purification)

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There are a lot questions that are of key interest in our studies of ecological mechanisms that regulate, modify and form water quality in surface aquatic ecosystems. These questions are listed below.


Besides microorganisms, do the other organisms play a key role in improving water quality?

Which processes are the main ones which contribute to water self-purification?

Which organisms play key roles in improving water quality in aquatic ecosystems?

Which organisms, freshwater or marine are more involved in improving water quality?

How biological, chemical and physical processes are interacting in ecosystem in improving water quality?

Is it possible to organize a multitude of factors and processes of water self-purification into a few groups (categories, blocks)?

Is the self-purification potential of an aquatic ecosystem a certain constant or a labile parameter?

Is the mechanism of water self-purification vulnerable to external impact on the aquatic ecosystem, e.g. to the impact of chemical pollution with synthetic chemicals?

Answer was given in the papers

–see online:


Ostroumov S.A. Polyfunctional role of  biodiversity in processes leading to water purification: current conceptualizations and concluding remarks. -Hydrobiologia, 2002,469: 203-204.

DOI 10.1007/s10750-004-1875-1;Full text free:;;


S.A.Ostroumov. On the biotic self-purification of aquatic ecosystems: elements of the theory. -Doklady Biological Sciences, Vol. 396,2004, pp. 206 – 211. ;

and some other papers by the same authors cited in those articles.

The series of these papers contributed to a new conceptualization of multifunctional role of organisms, biological community and ecosystem in improving water quality.


key words:

ecotoxicology, environmental, chemistry, water, sustainability; aquatic, ecosystems, freshwater, marine, resources, environmental safety, biodiversity, protection, conservation, services, hydrosphere, pollution, control, prevention, habitats, decontamination, water quality, self-purification, pollutants, biological, processes, anthropogenic, effects,


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