Inhibition of mussel suspension feeding by surfactants of three classes

Inhibition of mussel suspension feeding by surfactants of three classes.


Hydrobiologia, 2006, Volume: 556, Pages: 381-386.;

In 2006, an important series of experiments on ecotoxicology of detergents was published in the journal HYDROBIOLOGIA, (2006, Volume: 556, Pages: 381-386) by an international team of researchers. This was the first paper that reported the experiments that showed that all three main kinds of synthetic surfactants (detergent chemicals) slow down the filtration of water by key marine organisms, filter-feeders, bivalves, namely, the marine mussels of the Atlantic Ocean (Mytilus edulis).


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Sergei A. Ostroumov, John Widdows,
Authors affiliation:
Moscow State University, Plymouth Marine Laboratory,
marine mussels, Mytilus edulis, surfactants, detergents, toxicology, protection of environment, water quality, pollution, marine, aquatic, new, water, filtration,

New solution to control eutrophication

New solution to control eutrophication

Innovative scientific paper

Fulbright Award winner, Moscow State University

Ostroumov S.A. The Synecological Approach to the Problem of Eutrophication. – Doklady Biological Sciences, Vol. 381, 2001, p. 559–562. 3 Tables. Bibliogr. 15 refs. (Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2001, Vol. 381, No. 5, pp. 709–712). ISSN 0012-4966.; Distributed by Springer,

Abstract: the author suggests a new component of the measures against eutrophication: reducing the input of the pollutants that weaken the potential of the filter-feeders for removing algae. A new approach to combat eutrophication. Among new facts: the liquid detergent Fairy 2 mg/L inhibited filtration by bivalve filter-feeders mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis within 2-23 min after addition].

***DOI 10.1023/A:1013378505630.;;;

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Russian version:
Синэкологические основы решения проблемы эвтрофирования // ДАН. 2001. Т.381 №5. C.709-712. 3 табл. Библ.15 назв. [Представлено академиком М.Е. Виноградовым.] Предложен новый подход к борьбе с эвтрофированием. Среди полученных новых фактов: жидкий детергент Fairy 2 мг/л снижал фильтрацию воды мидиями Mytilus. galloprovincialis сразу после добавления (инкубация 2 – 23 мин, 22.5ºС)]. [=Synecological basis for the solution of the problem of eutrophication. DAN. 2001. Vol. 381. No. 5. P. 709-712]. [a new approach to prevent eutrophication].;


new, measures against eutrophication, reducing, pollutants,  filter-feeders, removing, algae, new approach, combat, eutrophication, new facts, liquid, detergent, Fairy, inhibited, filtration, bivalve, mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis,  sustainability,  water quality, pollution, water, resources, ecosystem health,