Discoveries, innovations in environmental sciences, ecology

Discoveries, innovations in environmental sciences, ecology:;
INNOVATIONS, DISCOVERIES, in ecology, environmental sciences, biology
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1. Innovative conceptualization: how ecosystems improve water quality.

2. Fundamentally new facts: hazardous biological and toxic effects of detergents.

3. Inhibitory analysis: A new method to explore top-down control in ecosystems.

4. A contribution to solution: the problem of criteria for environmental hazards.

5. A new contribution to solution: the problem of eutrophication.

6. New measurements: a quantitative estimate: the role of pellets of mollusks.

7. New facts, discovery: pollutants inhibit: fluxes (flows, transfers) of chemical elements.

8. Biomachinery. A new fundamental concept. New scientific term. Authored by Dr. S.A. O.

9. Modernized Terminology. A new improved definition. What is ‘ecosystem’?

10. New key facts. Scientific basis of technology. New phytotechnology: water treatment.

11. A new step. How to solve the problem. Stability of the biosphere.

12. A new component of the mechanism of regulation. Self-organization in the biosphere.

13. New serious hazards: low-level (sublethal) chemical pollution.

14. A new environmental hazard of pollution: damage to links between parts of ecosystems.

15. A new mechanism. How living organisms change the environment.

16. New fundamental concepts, terminology. Two-level synergism: man-made effects;

17. A new anthropogenic factor: initiation, stimulation of algal blooms.

18. New short list. The most urgent topics: environmental research in 21st


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Discoveries, innovations in environmental sciences, ecology

New facts on hazardous biological and toxic effects of surfactants and detergents: paradigm shifted


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