New solution to control eutrophication

New solution to control eutrophication

Innovative scientific paper

Fulbright Award winner, Moscow State University

Ostroumov S.A. The Synecological Approach to the Problem of Eutrophication. – Doklady Biological Sciences, Vol. 381, 2001, p. 559–562. 3 Tables. Bibliogr. 15 refs. (Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2001, Vol. 381, No. 5, pp. 709–712). ISSN 0012-4966.; Distributed by Springer,

Abstract: the author suggests a new component of the measures against eutrophication: reducing the input of the pollutants that weaken the potential of the filter-feeders for removing algae. A new approach to combat eutrophication. Among new facts: the liquid detergent Fairy 2 mg/L inhibited filtration by bivalve filter-feeders mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis within 2-23 min after addition].

***DOI 10.1023/A:1013378505630.;;;

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Синэкологические основы решения проблемы эвтрофирования // ДАН. 2001. Т.381 №5. C.709-712. 3 табл. Библ.15 назв. [Представлено академиком М.Е. Виноградовым.] Предложен новый подход к борьбе с эвтрофированием. Среди полученных новых фактов: жидкий детергент Fairy 2 мг/л снижал фильтрацию воды мидиями Mytilus. galloprovincialis сразу после добавления (инкубация 2 – 23 мин, 22.5ºС)]. [=Synecological basis for the solution of the problem of eutrophication. DAN. 2001. Vol. 381. No. 5. P. 709-712]. [a new approach to prevent eutrophication].;


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